Cowboys do not tolerate quitters. When a cowboy was hired on, the trail boss informed him of what the job entailed, and that every man was expected to make it to the end. Once the cattle are gathered and, on the trail, there is no turning back. If you can’t commit to this, then do not sign on.

Cody Ohl demonstrated the unstoppable grit and fortitude of a cowboy in the 9th go-round of the 2001 NFR. I watched as Cody entered the roping box. He missed the calf with his first loop then caught the back feet with his second loop. As he dismounted his horse his right knee ‘blew out’ and he fell to the ground. With the help of a good horse, Cody was able to get to the calf. With both hind legs roped, his horse working the rope and keeping it tight, Cody did not give up. He grabbed his knife and cut the rope. Now he had ahold of the calf with about a 2-foot rope around the back feet. This would be a tough situation for any roper, but remember Cody had only 1 good leg! As the calf began dragging Cody, he was able to grab a rear leg, get up and throw himself on the calf where he finally threw it and tied 3 legs. Cody was not a quitter! He was going to finish the job, despite the fact that he already had the World Title clinched.

When you complete a task, project or commitment, you are demonstrating not only to others but also to yourself, that you accept responsibility and are someone that others can count on. This can be anything from joining a sports team, taking a class, a commitment to eating better, and even reading a book.

As a young girl, I remember the words of wisdom from my elders, “Do things the right way, and never leave a job unfinished”. They exemplified what it is to be a person of principle and persistence.


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