Commitment and Dedication

Memorial Day. A day to remember and honor all who have served. My dad, Richard Boss was one of these brave men. He fought the air war against Nazi Germany in WWII, flying 54 missions with the Eighth Air Force. Our service men and women demonstrate true commitment and dedication.

This is one of the greatest lessons I learned from my dad. He made a commitment to serve his country, made a commitment to his career and made a commitment to his family.

It can be easy to make a commitment. We promise or make an agreement to do something in the future. We may make a commitment to others, or to ourselves, such as  getting our health  back on track,  improving our game, or being the best " _______ “  we can be.

Commitment is the promise itself. You have decided and you have given your word. Your honor and integrity are at stake here.

Dedication is the making of the promise. You have unstoppable intent to do everything in your power to accomplish it.

As a young girl, I witnessed dad’s dedication to my mom, my brother, my sister, and me. As a young adult I realized what a great gift he gave us by living a life of commitment and dedication. Every birthday card he gave mom was signed, “Love, your devoted husband, Rick”.


Dad (back row, 3rd from left) and crew in front of B-17.

Me, wearing dad’s leather bomber jacket and the Distinguished Flying Cross. I had just flown in a B-17. Honoring Dad and his service to fight for his country.