The cowboy culture of the American west continues to have an impact on our current culture. Cowboy hats, boots, poetry, literature, music, and dance. The distinctive clothing, the exciting stories of the wild west, the unique music and western dance are visible reminders of the cowboy. The Code of the West based on fair play, respect, loyalty and pride is still with us today as well, though not obviously visible.

In a blessing my son gave at our family’s Christmas dinner, he reminded us to ‘Make an impact on the world, and don’t let the world impact us.’ This is a powerful statement. We live in a fast paced, everchanging world. We witness horrific events, corruption and immoral behavior. By knowing what you stand for, and keeping your stand solid in the midst of the world we live in, you are inspiring others and making an impact on the people that surround you.

New Year resolutions have come and gone for many. We are at the beginning of not only a new year, but a new decade. Now is the time to re-think what you stand for and how you want to be remembered. Commit to living by the Code of the West!

When you make a decision to live your life by the Code of the West, you are making an impact on the world, and not allowing the world to impact you.


Live the Code