With the spread of the Coronavirus we are being inundated with news updates, states declaring a state of emergency, a run on grocery stores leaving bare shelves, and the cancelling of public events. Many people are riddled with fear, anxiety and worry. They have found themselves unprepared and in a state of panic.

 A great lesson we can learn from the cowboy is, always be prepared. Not only with food, water, and the necessities to take care of your family, but also knowing how to remain calm in a state of emergency. Three words I will always remember my dad reminding us to practice are cool, calm and collected. I remember many times dad being called to help a friend or neighbor through a crisis. While others were in a state of panic, he remained calm and capable of rational thought, thus providing the help they needed.

Fear and worry can paralyze us, and panic creates irrational behavior. The Code of the West reminds us to Live with Courage and Do What Has to be Done. Be a role model for others. Stay Calm and Cowboy On!


Live the Code