Cowboys have often been referred to as unsung heroes. They were expected to do a tough job, driving cattle across an open range, while facing extraordinary obstacles. Each brought to the team their unique talents. For some it may be riding and the ability to tame a wild mustang. Others were skilled at roping calves, steers or horses all while running full speed across the prairie. And the cowboys that did not excel at riding or roping had other skills to offer, such as the ability to understand the temperament of cattle and be able to calm them at night with their songs. Though they never received praise or recognition, they took great pride in their work.

To take pride in your work, you must understand how what you do contributes to others. It is understanding and knowing you help make the world a better place. This results in self-esteem.

My first real job as a kid was cleaning dog kennels at a vet clinic. At the time I thought a very meaningless job. I now understand that the work I did was important and worthwhile. My work helped contribute to the animal’s health, and overall safe and sanitary conditions.

Take some time to think about the work you do. Begin to see your work clearly and understand how it fits into the big picture.

Take pride in all you do. Be it building a fence, writing a term paper, doing homework, or being a great parent. Once the job is completed, your name is attached to it. The Code of the West is about standing for, and living your values. Values become real when you demonstrate them in the way you act.


Live the Code