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The Last of the Pasture Grass

It is time again to load the barn with hay to get us through the winter. We are so fortunate to have a grass pasture where the horses can graze for 6 months out of the year. The other six months, I am feeding hay. Every fall brings back wonderful memories. There was one late summer in particular, that I will always remember. My dad came home one evening and informed us that he bought hay. We asked when it would be delivered, so we could have the barn ready. He said it will not be delivered, it is laying in the farmers field and my brother, my sister and I would be picking it up. OK! We made a...

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Growing up with Horses and Cowboys

Once upon a time a little girl knew she must have a horse to call her own. Every day she pleaded with her parents, until one day her dream came true. Little did she know that this would open the door to the world of the American West, with experiences and lessons that would ultimately define who she is today. Growing up with horses and being influenced by cowboys instilled a set of values and ethics that I continue to rely on when facing a challenge. Understanding the Code of the West and witnessing the results of courage, hard work, determination and the pride of accomplishment have assisted me in raising our 2 boys as well as working in a...

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