Youth Ropes
Youth Ropes

Youth Ropes

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Rope a Moo®…… not the dog!


We all know the little cowboy that can’t resist roping the dog, or heeling mom and dad. No matter if your little cowboy or cowgirl is an accomplished roper, or is just beginning it is important they have a good rope.


 We are proud to offer the Pee Wee Rope, and the Kid Rope by Cactus.

(Pictured: Blue Pee Wee/Orange Kid Rope and Red Pee Wee/Green Kid Rope)


The Pee Wee Rope is great for a little one's first rope. It is 3 strands of soft nylon, with enough weight to swing easily. This rope does not include a burner. Length 18'.



The Kid Rope is good for learning basic roping skills. Also 3 strands of nylon, just a little stiffer than the Pee Wee. This rope does include a rawhide burner. Length 24'.