About us

My mission is to promote the Code of the West, by inspiring the youth and reminding adults of its purpose. The products I create and sell carry a message representing the spirit of the American Cowboy. My blogs include lessons, values and ethics we can learn from cowboys and the Code of the West. 
Woodworth LTD began in the early 1990’s. I was helping our young boys practice breakaway roping. I had the best job, opening the chute gate! I looked down at the coiled ropes on the ground, and realized this design would make a great bangle bracelet. The sterling silver lariat bracelet was created!
We are excited to once again offer the lariat bracelet, as well as a new product for little cowboys and cowgirls, the Rope A Moo®.
I was very fortunate to grow up around horses, rodeos and cowboys. The lessons I learned as a child helped strengthen and prepare me for my future.
I worked many years supervising and managing employees. As an HR Generalist, I worked with owners and managers of small to medium size businesses. As I discussed business goals and trained on leadership, it was clear the early lessons I learned from cowboys, were common traits of successful people.
The Rope a Moo® was created for little cowboys and cowgirls, so they may have their very own roping dummy/stool. It can be a little challenging to learn how to rope! Each Rope a Moo® includes a tag with the message that cowboys and cowgirls know if they are going to succeed they must have courage to try new things, keep trying and do not give up, work hard, and be proud of their accomplishments.